Itinerary of the Amalfi Coast, Li Galli Islands, Nerano Boat Tour 

An exclusive boat tour that allows you to discover the Amalfi Coast in complete relaxation. A full day to explore the entire coast from the sea, including several stops for swimming, approximately 3 hours of free time for lunch in Nerano, and the chance to visit the small fishing village independently. What are you waiting for? Book your exclusive experience with Lucibello's private boat tour now!

This tour is private. You can discuss itinerary adjustments with the skipper.

Departure of the tour from Positano

Your private excursion begins at the Spiaggia Grande in Positano, from Lucibello's private dock! Your dream experience starts even before departure with an exclusive check-in in our private lounges. In here, welcomed and pampered by our staff, you can await boarding while enjoying a tasty apéritif. Once on board and acquainted with the skipper, we can set sail to discover the wonderful stretch of the Amalfi Coast that leads from Positano to Amalfi.

Amalfi Coast and swimming stop

We leave Positano, admiring from afar the colorful houses of the vertical city and the marvelous dome of the Church of Santa Maria Assunta. Navigation takes us to discover some famous beaches of Positano such as Arienzo and Laurito; we then reach the village of Praiano and, near the Grotta dell'Africana, we stop for a first swimming break. Diving into the crystal-clear waters of this coastal stretch promises an unforgettable experience!

Furore Fjord, Conca dei Marini, and Amalfi

After a fantastic swim, we resume our boat journey and continue to explore the coastline. In just a few minutes, we reach the Furore Fjord, an iconic attraction of the Amalfi Coast nestled between two rocky walls.

We then pass by the village of Conca dei Marini, renowned for the Emerald Grotto, and admire the majesty of Amalfi from afar. With its colorful houses overlooking the sea and the bell tower of the Cathedral of St. Andrew emerging among the rooftops of the city, Amalfi appears as a jewel in the blue of the Mediterranean. 

Visit to the Li Galli Islands and swimming stop

Leaving Amalfi behind, we arrive at the Li Galli Archipelago after about 20 minutes of navigation. According to legend, sirens used to live in this small group of islands and enchant passing sailors, causing them to shipwreck against the rocks. Here, we stop for a swim and snorkeling in the crystal-clear waters of this marine paradise.

Nerano with Landing and Free Time

After a fantastic morning by boat along the Amalfi Coast, it's time to disembark! With just a few minutes of navigation, we reach the village of Nerano (Marina del Cantone) where there's a planned landing for approximately 3 hours for lunch at a seaside restaurant. You can choose your restaurant with the skipper's recommendations. Don’t miss out on authentic dishes from the Campania tradition, such as the famous "Spaghetti alla Nerano", prepared with local zucchini and provolone cheese from the area, or a grilled catch of the day. We're sure these delicious Mediterranean flavors, accompanied by the spectacular sea view in Nerano, will provide you with an unforgettable experience.

Return to Positano

After lunch in Nerano and a stroll through the fishing village, it's time to board again to return to Positano. Before heading back, as we sail along the coast, there's the option for another swimming stop, which you can arrange with the skipper. Thus concludes a splendid day at sea along the Amalfi Coast.

Other departure ports for this boat tour

Besides departing from Positano, the private Capri tour is also available from Salerno, Amalfi, Capri, Sorrento, and Naples. You can select the departure location when booking.

Not included:

Ground Transportation


Entrance Tickets to Monuments and Attractions

Notes and Useful Tips

  • The skipper may make changes to the itinerary due to weather conditions or timing needs.
  • This Tour includes a stop in Nerano with 3 hours of free time to explore the village.
  • You can arrange the swimming stops with the skipper.
  • The tour lasts 7 hours.
  • If you anticipate experiencing seasickness, remember to bring anti-nausea medication with you.

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Tour to Amalfi Coast, Li Galli Island, Nerano from Positano

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