Departing from Positano to a schedule that meets your needs, the tour begins with a journey to the fascinating archipelago of “Li Galli”.

capri speciale capri_2_grotta_azzurraThe archipelago boasts of having hosted over the years, international celebrities, such as the great choreographer Rudolf Nureyev, the dancer Leonide Massine and Eduardo de Filippo, but even the most distinguished were his first inhabitants: according to mythology, in fact, is who lived here three sirens of the Odyssey Partenope, Leucosia and Ligia. From here the archipelago its name, derived from Greek iconography of mermaids, half woman and half bird.

After this fascinating leap into the myth of Ulysses, the tour continues to Nerano, a mandatory stop for lunch at one of its many famous restaurants for dishes based on fish and especially for the delicious “Spaghetti alla Nerano.”

cartina-vito-crop-mod_bcapri_DSCN23-okContinuing the visit of the territory, recommend everyone to reach the Bay of Ieranto, through the nature trail which leaves the square of the same Nerano. The Bay is striking for its wild beauty, so imposing to be a space protected by the Italian Environmental Fund.

Back on board of our boat, and after admiring the picturesque beaches of Marina del Cantone, Recommone and Crapolla, there preparing to reach Punta Campanella, its stunning views and the natural park.

We will arrive in Capri. Starting from the White Grotto, known for its white and shades for the impressive stalagmite resembling the Virgin in the act of prayer, then pass through the Natural Arch until you get to admire the Villa Curzio Malaparte. Although the writer and journalist, well known on the Italian political scene of the 20s he built the villa in 1938 (designed by Adalberto Libera), the characteristic residence has some strong features and modern, from the uneven floor of the fireplace in crystal, small details worth of the most modern schools of architecture.

Overstep, later, one of the most popular attraction of the island, a natural beauty unmatched no coincidence advertising, photographic and film set: the Faraglioni of Capri, Saetta, Scopolo and Stella, whit her natural arch.

A brief stop at the Marina Piccola, with dining options, and continue towards the Green Grotto, past the Lighthouse of Punta Carena, and up to one of the greatest beauties of the island: the Grotta Azzurra.

The cavity of natural origin has an entrance carved into the rock narrow and dark, that leaves space immediately after a bright blue and literally heavenly. A second entrance, located below sea level, making it the waters of the cave vivid and surreal, so as to suggest the idea of ​​a crossing on the sky. The Blue Grotto, where sculptures have been found from the Roman period, it was then closed to the public because it was considered haunted by demons; until it was rediscovered by the German writer and painter Kopisch Fries accompanied by a local fisherman. The visit to the cave is an extra, and to maintain it you have to climb on board features wooden boats, the only ones capable of crossing such a small cavity.

Last stop at the Port of Capri, where you will be able to come down and visit this wonderful island internally. The attractions are numerous and each one really worth a visit: from the numerous villas, the ancient center of Anacapri with its characteristic views and the cable car, the charming Charterhouse of San Giacomo and the same little square of Capri, all absolutely to visit.
The crossing again, making you once again enjoy the view of the coast until you get back at the village of Positano.